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Don't Forget to Backup Your Microsoft 365 Data

Microsoft Office 365: The Good

There’s a lot to recommend Microsoft Office 365 and its suite of applications. Tools like Word, Powerpoint, and Excel are ubiquitous for a reason. They’re easy to learn, easy to use, and they provide a range of features to suit just about any organization’s needs.

Carisma Managed IT Solutions is a licensed Microsoft Office 365 Partner. Our capabilities experts provide the hands-on, round-the-clock support business leaders like you need to make strategic selections and realize the Microsoft Office’s full potential.

Our services are especially valuable where Microsoft’s email services are concerned. Providing on-premises email support, Carisma ensures your team is connected across all its devices and retains access to a dynamic, accurate calendar.

Empowered with Microsoft’s email servers, your team will enjoy the convenience and efficiency of consolidated contact lists, integrated web-based apps, and a touch-enabled interface for quickly navigating their inboxes. When it comes to data backup and security, however, Microsoft’s traditional suite is not enough to keep your business fully secure.

Microsoft Office 365: The Not-so-Good

Microsoft Office 365 offers basic protection. The organization acknowledges this in their own Services Agreement. It reads, “We recommend that you regularly backup Your Content and Data that you store on the Services or using Third-Party Apps and Services.” In other words, it’s not ultimately their problem if something goes missing.

While they’re certainly confident in their applications, they recognize that cyber security threats are constantly evolving. It’s easy enough to recover a file that an employee accidentally sent to the recycling bin. When an intruder deletes hundreds or thousands of files, on the other hand, things can get a lot trickier.

The Path Forward with Carisma

Fortunately for you, Carisma’s team are well-versed in cyber security best practices as well as world-class practices for backing up and recovering data. We’ll provide the on-site support you needs and identify additional solutions to ensure your business remains secure.

One particularly popular solution is Microsoft Exchange Online. The platform enables users to store their emails and valuable business documents on their desktop for easy access and recovery. Don’t forget, the tool is only as valuable as the team leveraging it. Worst practices like failing to test server backups can leave your business scrambling without even knowing it. Carisma’s End User training can ensure your team understands how to protect essential data from both malicious attackers and everyday human error.

It’s possible Exchange is not the solution for you.You might have noticed that even Microsoft recommends a third-party option. In that case, Carisma is prepared to identify a third-party option and facilitate training, installation, and long-term maintenance. Your organization’s documents aren’t just important for daily operations – they tell the story of your business. Don’t risk losing them. Reach out to Carisma today to ensure your Microsoft 365 suite is everything it should be.