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IT Procurement Services

IT Procurement Made Easy with Carisma

Simplify and optimize IT Procurement with support from Carisma Managed IT Solutions. 

Not every organization is staffed with IT experts. Without in-house knowledge, purchasing hardware and software can prove daunting – even impossible. That’s why Carisma Managed Solution provides a comprehensive suite of IT Procurement services. Whether you’re a large company or a small company, a Mac office or a PC office, our team is here to offer hands-on support.

Comprehensive IT Procurement Support

Carisma knows that world-class hardware and software are a necessity for any business looking to build a competitive advantage. Our full suite of IT Procurement services are is aimed at helping you make best-fit selections and make the most of every IT dollar.

  • First, we’ll work alongside you to analyze your organization’s IT needs. Evaluating a range of supplier we’ll ensure you make a selection that both supports your business objectives and suits your budget.
  • Next, we’ll assist you through every step of the installation process. After all, IT Procurement involves far more than making a purchase. After carrying out the ordering process, we’ll assist with on-site installation and facilitate end user training.
  • Then, we’ll offer long-term monitoring and support to ensure your data stays safe, your devices stay high-performing, and your vendor relationships stay optimal.

Why Carisma’s IT Procurement Services?

  • We offer the expertise of a large firm with the hands-on support of a small, local IT services provider. That’s why we’re capable of adapting to serve the needs of any business.
  • We’ve got partnerships with leading hardware and software providers including Microsoft Office 365, but our services are provider agnostic.
  • We offer a free 30 day trial of our CarismaCare Managed IT Services.

Reach out today to learn for yourself why Carisma’s team is considered Best of Bucks. Together we’ll equip your organization for long term stability and success.