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A single aspect connects businesses of all shapes and sizes—technology.  Computers, networks, tablets, workstations, and so many more pieces of technology are common throughout businesses of every shape and size.  All those computers are used for a variety of tasks, but storing data is one of the biggest.

The importance of data backup and disaster recovery planning is one area that many companies know they should be prepared for, but too often find themselves in a reactive position once the unexpected strikes.  The fact is when the computers are down, the business is not making any money and all that data could be gone for good.  Therefore, data backup and recovery is one area where every business should be proactive.

Being Proactive

Having a data recovery and disaster recovery plan in place means more than being ready for a computer virus event.  Bad weather, natural disasters, and other unforeseen situations can creep up at any time.  Businesses need to be agile to recover quickly and get operations back to normal.  The process might not be as simple as flipping a switch, but taking steps to simplify the process as much as possible could get the downtime reduced significantly.  Minutes and hours matter, it is as simple as that.

Answer the Questions Up Front

Businesses should be asking questions regarding their technology.  What data needs to be backed up?  What order do the machines have to be restored in?  Is there anything else needed in the event of a catastrophic situation?  Preparing for the unexpected is much easier to do before anything has happened, which means having a plan in place can separate a company from starting over to picking up from the same point it left off.

In the end, restoring operations should not be a question of how; it should be a question of when.  The business or organization should be able to respond quickly and efficiently.  Every owner realizes that threats and unexpected events happen, and preparing for those situations and responding to them make all the difference in the world.  For more information on how your business can begin protecting itself, please contact us to get started.