Carisma Managed IT Solutions is a full-service provider of technology and outsourced computer IT support and services located in Doylestown, PA. Our experts provide total computer solutions to businesses of all sizes in southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

In addition to providing IT support services to small businesses in all industries, our managed IT solutions company has defined expertise in information technology for construction and real estate companies.

Our expert IT solutions providers deliver excellent and friendly customer service and help our customers maintain cost-effective, state-of-the-art computers, networks, and systems with virtually uninterrupted uptime.

Are your computers running slowly?

Are you worn down by constant complaints about your computer systems? Are your computers running slowly? Carisma Managed IT Solutions can provide your small business with top-of-the-line computer consulting services through our experienced IT staff at a low cost.


Is computer downtime hurting your business profitability and productivity?

Network and server crashes, lost data and system lags can cost you valuable time and money. When your company is experiencing computer, network or server issues, Carisma Managed IT Solutions will respond within minutes. Our job is to get your computers back up and running quickly.


Are you looking for business email services?

Carisma Managed IT Solutions offers reliable email and website hosting to businesses of all sizes in southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey and we niche ininformation technology for construction and real estate companies.


Stop wasting time and money on IT with FLAT RATE pricing.

Our support packages are designed to take the worry out of supporting your technology. All of our plans have flat-rate pricing and unlimited phone support. Everything is included for one low monthly rate with no time commitment.

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Server Maintenance and Support

Your IT server is the heart of your business network. Every piece of corporate data should reside on it. Ignoring server maintenance will catch up with your business and break down your investment. Updates are critical to keep your business computers uninterrupted. Proper network server support, maintenance and updates are critical to maintaining effective business computers. Through our IT services and IT solutions, we consistently monitor your assets and catch issues before they arise to minimize downtime. Focus on your business while we take care of your server maintenance.

Network Design, Maintenance, and Monitoring

What you are unaware of can hurt you and your business when it comes to server and network infrastructure. Through IT network design, maintenance and monitoring services, Carisma Managed IT Solutions offers off-site remote monitoring for all of your valuable IT assets. Through our IT services and IT solutions, we know in advance if there is trouble lurking, and we will take the necessary steps to fix the problem before it affects your business. Don’t let inadequate tech monitoring negatively affect your business.

Cyber Security

Today’s online threats are no joke and cybercriminals are becoming more dangerous than ever. Ransomware infestations can cost you your entire business. The good news is that most cyber-attacks can be prevented by monitoring networks and applying firewalls to secure your data. Our IT tech support, IT services and IT solutions team can make sure your systems are well guarded and protected against these threats. Learn more by asking us about our Ransomware Protection Packages.


Data Backup and Recovery

Are your IT network and server systems safeguarded against data loss? This aspect of IT services and IT solutions is almost always overlooked, but critical for maintaining high quality, well-functioning computers. Carisma Managed IT Solutions includes cloud-based and on-site solutions as part of its support plans, and proactively implements mock disaster recoveries and checkups to ensure that your company never loses important business information.


Business Email Hosting and Support

Carisma Managed IT Solutions provides local and reliable email and website hosting to small businesses and we niche in construction and real estate companies. Receive IT services, IT solutions and IT support from a local business partner who will dedicate its time and energy to ensuring you receive the hosting support you deserve. Click below to see the benefits of hosted services.


SPAM Filtering and Junk Mail Protection

No one wants to miss an important email and everyone hates SPAM. Poor IT email systems or systems set up incorrectly can have a negative effect on businesses productivity. How do you stop the SPAM from killing productivity and your budget? Carisma Managed IT Solutions provides a SPAM Elimination service which includes on-site applications and cloud-based email filtering systems to clean up SPAM fast and efficiently. Don’t ever worry again about important emails being missed.

Computer Virus and Malware Protection, Removal & Recovery

Malware and viruses continue to present a real threat to business owners, employees, customers, and their computer systems. Even the smallest breach can compromise entire networks and stored data, which includes private information, financial records and secure customer information. Many times businesses run older production systems, particularly with older versions of Microsoft Windows, which can be vulnerable to attacks. Now more than ever, you need to be sure you can block attacks that would compromise your information technology network and critical business data. Contact us for total computer support.

Cloud Computing Services and Backup

Carisma Managed IT Solutions provides full-service cloud computing solutions for your business. Our IT solutions streamline processes, improve accessibility, decrease costs, and ensured data security with cloud solutions. From cloud-based exchanges and cloud-based data backup and recovery to full VDI Infrastructure and cloud-based business software, Carisma Managed IT Solutions will identify solutions that suit your small business, construction company and real estate company needs. We are a Microsoft Partner, and provide solutions that include Hosted Exchange and Office 365.