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IT Services for Distributors and Manufacturers

Managed IT Support for Manufacturers and Distributors

As a distributor or manufacturer, your business depends on information technology to ensure that your inventory is available, shipped and delivered on schedule. Your IT solutions need to be data driven in order to grow profits, cultivate relationships and expand your business. To do this, you need Carisma Managed IT Solutions, a managed information technology solutions partner who has worked with distributors and manufacturers in Bucks County and southeastern Pennsylvania. You can count on Carisma Managed IT Solutions to understand how your business works.

Carisma Managed IT Solutions has a plan that will fit your manufacturing IT support and service needs. Our clients will be the first to tell you that our attention to detail and response time are phenomenal. We are problem solvers serving businesses of all sizes and will keep your computer system running on the manufacturing floor with no down time. Carisma Managed IT Solutions helps distributors and manufacturers integrate their IT systems between departments and provide IT support to ensure uptime and on time product deliverability.

IT Support for Distributors and Manufacturers

Whether you choose a customized IT service or our flat rate IT plans, you will find an affordable IT solution with Carisma Managed IT Solutions that protects your business. Here are some features of our flat rate plans:

  • Network monitoring and maintenance for all switches, routers and firewalls.
  • Unlimited helpdesk and remote support.
  • Desk-to-desk check-in’s with all users.
  • Never-down high availability computing clusters.
  • DNS and web hosting services and monitoring.
  • Cloud-based support services
  • Off-site data backup.

Reach out for Technology and Outsourced IT Support

Carisma Managed IT Solutions will assess your current IT systems and work collaboratively with you to develop an IT infrastructure that is right for your distribution or manufacturing business. Our IT Support for Manufacturers and Distributors empower world-class organizations to maximize the security, functionality, and efficiency of their IT infrastructure.  Join other leading distributors and manufacturers in maximizing your return on IT investments and streamlining your computer and network operations.

If trustworthy computer IT support is important to your business, contact Carisma Managed IT Solutions today.