Your small business and the cloud..

If your small business doesn’t include some type of cloud solution in part of your operational approach, you may be missing out. A 2015 report found that 88% of business enterprises have a hybrid cloud approach. Business solutions company, Intuit, suggests that “Nearly 80 percent of U.S. small businesses will be fully adapted to cloud computing by 2020.” The percentage is high because businesses recognize that there are a number of advantages to cloud services. Here are some of them:

Better Workflow

When work lives in the cloud, more people can interact with it – and each other. Cloud services make data sharing and collaboration ubiquitous for a small business. Not only does this increase productivity but it improves the quality of the final product.


As a small business, it’s important to be able to quickly adapt to the ebb and flow of business. Services – especially cloud computing solutions – can be scaled up or down based on the expansion of your business or the need for austerity. This level of agility allow you to react and respond to business demands quickly.


Cloud services are located off-site and the software is managed by the provider. This means that updates, bug fixes and upgrades can be quickly deployed before they cause problems for the end user. The alternative is physically managing multiple workstations located in an office setting. This traditional approach is not only cumbersome to manage, but prone to slow response times and human error.


Cloud services allow multiple people to access files and documents without the need for physical copies. This allows the business to reduce their carbon footprint and print few documents. Going Green is not only good for the environment, but it’s good for you too. It is estimated that businesses spend 1-3% of total operational costs on printing. Cloud services drastically reduce this percentage.

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