What anti-virus software does your business need?

What Does Your Business Need in an Anti-virus Software? Here Are Three Things to Consider


You wonder: what does your business need in an antivirus software. We can come up with three things to consider:

  • First: Anti-virus software protects devices so it’s important to protect each of your stand-alone and networked computers with anti-virus software.  Attacks carried out by attaching malware to emails are on the decline and very much old-school but they still account for about 3% of attacks. In addition, anti-virus software can warn users who attempt to contact a known malicious site or when an outside entity tries to hijack the system.
  • Second: If you and your employees use mobile devices to connect to the internet, exposure to data theft is certainly a possibility. Smart phones are basically hand-held computers that employees use to contact the internet every day. Smart phones need an anti-virus software just like your desktop does, especially if you download data from the internet to the smart phone and then from the smart phone to the desktop. Malware can easily transfer from one to the other during that download/upload process. Mobile versions of anti-virus software are available.
  • Third: Head in the clouds? Many businesses today use some sort of cloud-based data storage system. Whether you are a non-profit using Akubo or Giftworks for managing your database of membership rolls and donor lists or if you use Dropbox or Googledocs to send documents back and forth between your employees and your clients, anti-viral software is still relevant. While cloud-based systems have their own cyber-security systems in place to protect your data while stored there, your business still needs to protect the data stored and edited in-house. Don’t think because your business lives in the clouds that down-to-earth technology is obsolete.

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