Virus Prevention, Removal and Secure Computing For The 21st Century

Virus Prevention Removal and Secure Computing

When most of us think of computer viruses, we tend to focus on virus prevention, malware removal and secure computing for our home systems, but the recent expansion and sophistication of cyber crime has vastly raised the stakes for online security in the business place.

A 2014 internet security report found 31% of all cyber attacks in 2012 happened to businesses that had less than 250 employees. Security has improved over the past decade, but cyber crime is evolving as well. Computer criminals are increasingly moving away from spam as a delivery vehicle for viruses and malware and are now using web and browser-based infections. They’ve discovered it’s very easy to infect insecure websites, thus enabling them to reach into entire company networks and everyone who visits them.

Lucky for your business, there is good news. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)the first step in cyber security is to enact secure computing policies, keep them up to date, and to ensure your employees adhere to them. The next step – and one that is no less important – is to make sure your website and networking software are protected with comprehensive internet security that has multiple layers of security.

Cyber crimes are not going away any time soon, and in fact, their reach is expanding. Businesses have a responsibility to themselves and their customers to keep their websites, networks and internal data secure from intruders. The bad guys may come knocking, but if you have a comprehensive security support system in place, they can be stopped.

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