Virtualization and VMware: Expert IT Services Help Ease the Transition

Virtualization and VMware can reduce costs and save energy while delivering big benefits in terms of efficiency and innovation. Fewer physical servers means lower energy costs, less physical space devoted to machinery, and allows for more flexibility in server equipment with little to no change in the user’s experience. VMware’s virual machine software also gives businesses flexibility in operating systems, making it compatible with existing software infrastructure.

However, bear in mind that virtualization projects present unique challenges. Your IT consultant will take certain steps before implementing the virtualization project to ensure success.

  • Identify benefits and risks in data management and assess security of data.
  • Identify areas of interdependencies between virtual systems and physical machines.
  • Set measurable goals for outcomes.
  • Know the constraints of your budget, but work with it. Even with a tight budget, your company may benefit from limited virtualization of some operations.
  • Educate. Despite the obvious benefits of virtualization, people have a natural resistance to change. From executives to end-users, education about the benefits and application of virutalization is important to establish reasonable expectations and successful implementation.

Any virtualization project can cause disruption and confusion among staff without an experienced IT consultant who provides sufficient information before the project begins to quell fears and meet the needs of users in this new environment.

Bottom line: Virtualization offers the ability to do more with less, utilizing your resources in better ways, but proper planning is vital. Expert technicians who are experienced in virtualization transitions and VMware are the keys to a successful virtualization project.

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