The Importance Of Data Backup And Disaster Recovery Planning For A Disaster

Large and small disasters happen on a regular basis. Small disasters affect only a few people and may seem unimportant to most. These are the disasters that make or break companies. They are the reason every company needs to recognize the true importance of data backup and disaster recovery planning.

Small Disasters Loom Large

Small disasters turn into large problems without proper preparation. When a large disaster strikes an area, it is all over the news. Customers understand reasonable delays while recovery takes place. Small disasters may go unreported or receive little news coverage. A customer that is not local will not expect any delays in service. This is a case where data backup and planned disaster recovery is the best option for serving customers.

Large Disasters

When a disaster occurs over a large area, recovery takes time and effort. Customers still need the products or services a company provides. Keeping market share depends on the speed of recovery. After a company has their utilities restored, a disaster recovery plan is able to get them up and running faster. This allows for patching in data backups and getting employees back to work quickly. It further enhances customer retention.

Data Backup And Restoration

Information is a priceless commodity for a company and backup of that data is essential. Keeping a comprehensive database backup at another site makes sense for disaster recovery. It allows a company to quickly get hardware and recover their database after a disaster. A company needs a plan to acquire hardware and load the company database for quick recovery.

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