The Challenge of Data Backup and Recovery

The purpose of data backup and recovery is to ensure that information is kept safe so that restoration is seamless should a disaster or system outage occur. Developing a successful plancan be a challenge that wll require a computer services company. An article that is posted on the Data Center Knowledge website explains why data protection and recovery from a disaster is a challenge for many organizations.

“There is no question that the increasing occurrence of natural disasters in the past few years has pushed business continuity planning to the forefront of many organizations’ minds.”

Consideration and Need

The remnants of hurricane Sandy and their effects on the east coast is one example of the need to have a plan in place before a disaster occurs. Disaster recovery is one of the main components. Organizations with their own IT infrastructure may have inadequate resources in place. This means that your business may need to consider various data backup and recovery options.

Know the Differences

One thing to keep in mind is the difference between data backup and data recovery. Backups of data are often considered copies that are stored on a local server at your business. Recovery isthe restoration of data that is stored at one or more off-site locations, such as the cloud. Many organizations are beginning to use online data recovery solutions. This includes the moving of files online to a dedicated data center.

Cloud-Based Benefits

Your business can save money by converting local backups to using a recovery solution that is based in the cloud. This will maximize efficiency and the time necessary for successful recovery. One benefit of using a cloud-based solution for backup and recovery is that you can connect from anywhere. Data that you backup in the cloud can be kept safe and is protected from a local disaster.

Additional Information

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