Office 2011 and the Mac are real winners

Ok I’ll admit it.

For a decade and a half I was a “PC-guy”.  I viewed the Mac as a “toy” operating system for artsy types and other “unsophisticated” users. Aside from the perceived snobbery of the Apple “in crowd” the main reason I eschewed the platform was the lack of compatibility with mainstream applications.

My how times have changed.

The new version of MS Office, for example, takes Mac OS compatibility with the PC to a new level. Gone is the clunky email tool “Entourage” replaced with a full-blown version of Outlook which, with very few exceptions, delivers all the features of its PC brethren. Word, Excel and Powerpoint also join the ranks with incredibly easy-to-use and full-featured renditions of the productivity staples.

In addition, Apple has brought so many innovations to the notebook genre, that one would truly be remiss not to at least consider switching to Mac form the PC.

To name a few, the multi-touch gesture support especially in Mac OS Lion creates a user experience unlike any other. Single, double, triple, and even quadruple finger gestures, taps and swipes bring the OS alive and put the user in total control of a beautifully interactive computing experience.

The battery life, form factor and overall beauty of the newly-designed Macbook Air have to be experienced to be believed. Mine runs for at least 7 hours on a charge and weighs less than 3 pounds. Heck, it even comes with a video tutorial on how to make the change from being a PC user to a being a Mac user.