New CryptoWall Attack Uses Malicious Help File Attachments

This threat is very real and businesses all around Bucks and Montgomery County are falling victim to it and losing critical business data.

We have seen three of these infections just this week, so I thought we might blog about it.
A new CryptoWall attack  has hit end-users with phishing emails containing malicious .chm attachments that infect networks with the latest and most sophisticated file-encrypting ransomware. The latest take on this is a fake “incoming fax report” email looks to the user to come from a machine. 
If the user opens the attachment  the malware encrypts the files of all mapped drives and demands about $500 in ransom to be paid in Bitcoin
We recommend to add .chm files to the list of potentially malicious extensions in your spam filters if it is not in there already.
The best cure is prevention on this one.  Make certain you have good backups of your servers ever night. If you are not sure you do, contact us right away and we’ll make sure you do.