Myths of Online Data Backups

Online Backup Services are only half the answer.

We’ve all heard the radio ads for online backup solutions. While they have their place there are some very good reasons why you should still be taking local backups and here’s why.

  1. Online backup services are file-based. File based backups cannot recover a windows server from a complete crash. If you are using only online backup for your server you will have to completely re-create your server from installation CD’s and rebuild your entire network before you can even begin restoring files from your online backup service.
  2. Online backup services depend on your internet connection for backup and recovery. If your internet connection goes down (as it probably will in a disaster situation) you will not be able to recover your backed up files.
  3. Most businesses have upwards of 20 to 30 Gb of corporate date on their servers. The time required to transmit that amount of data across even the highest speed internet connections is more than 20 hours. In order to retrieve your data in the event of a server crash you would have to wait for nearly a full day.
Why should you be using local disc-based backups instead of or in addition to Online Backups?
  1. Local disc-based image backups give you immediate access to your files
  2. Local disc-based image backups give you the ability to completely restore a server to the same or different hardware in less than one hour.
  3. Local disc-based image backups are portable and be easily loaded into Virtualization environments such as VMware. Thus in an emergency, your server backup images can be taken to another location and brought up to run-state in just hours.
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