Minimizing Business Computing Expenses: How Much Does that IT Employee Cost?

Minimizing Business Computing Expenses

Congratulations on the success of your new business! It’s been expanding rapidly so that you’ve hired employees and bought them all state-of-the-art desktops. Although you like dealing with technology, you just don’t have the time anymore to install, maintain, and update the company computers. So maybe it’s time to hire a dedicated IT guy.

Except, do you know how much one really costs? These figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics can clue you in.

  • If you want somebody to handle general maintenance, a support specialist makes $47,130 per year in Pennsylvania. But you might be able to get away with paying under $27,970 for a low. If you want the very best, expect to pay $72,840 or more.
  • Prefer someone with higher-level expertise who can set up and manage your network and overall systems? Administrators earn $76,280 annually, with a low of $45,870 and a high of $113,950.
  • For a manager who can take charge of other computer employees, expect to pay a mean $133,480 with a range of $78,720 to $187,199.

These are just salary figures. They don’t include what you’ll contribute in taxes, Social Security, and benefits.

If these numbers are just a tad higher than what you have in the budget, you do have an alternative thatminimizes business expenses but still keeps your computers humming. Outsource your maintenance needs to us.

We can come in on an as needed basis to do everything from installing new systems and designing networks to upgrading your software and repairing hardware. We also offer monthly retainers, which may be more cost effective. Why don’t you contact us to see how we can help you?