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IT Resolutions for 2019

With a new year underway, people across the globe are setting out on a course of self-improvement. While it’s hard to estimate the number of resolutions made every year, there’s no mistaking the most popular theme: health. Whether it’s kicking a bad habit, or committing to a new routine, January finds folks working to make a change.

January is also a perfectly good time to focus on health of another sort – the health of your business’ IT and data infrastructure. In 2019, why not consider making a commitment to one (or all) of these IT resolutions?

1. Back Everything Up

When was the last time you backed up the data on your personal computer? If you’re anything like me, you’ve waited far longer than you ought to. Losing personal files is bad enough, but imagine feeling that impact across your entire business. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to ensure the data infrastructure you’ve worked hard to build is both up-to-date and secure. Losing data could mean losing customers, losing industry clout, and, of course, losing money. Don’t wait to find out how much.

2. Change Those Passwords

Here’s one for the whole team. Among the quickest and easiest cyber security fixes out there, a password change could make a world of difference in protecting valuable and confidential information. Ask that all team members refresh the passwords associated with their emails and workstations. Take the time, too, to keep users from falling into bad habits like setting overly simple passwords (here’s LinkedIn’s list of the absolute worst). If you haven’t already, Q1 is also the perfect time to adjust settings so that all users are required to regularly select new, strong passwords.

3. Test Your Team

Cyber criminals grow more crafty all the time. That means the team that doesn’t make an effort to do the same is only growing more vulnerable. End User Security Training, the newest addition to our suite of cyber security services ensures you keep your team at the ready and identify weak points before they become points of attack. Carisma’s experts will execute a mock cyber attack with convincing phishing attempts. Their success or failure will identify those team members who could use an extra lesson in cyber security best practices.

Unfortunately, for most Americans, the resolve that comes with a new year is typically short-lived.  U.S. News estimates that a whopping 80% of folks will abandon their plans before the end of February. Don’t let your IT resolutions meet the same fate! Reach out to Carisma’s IT support specialists today to settle on a resolution that’s built to last.