Importance of Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning: Downtime as the Enemy

Importance of Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning

The importance of data backup and disaster recovery planning might sound like a repeated mantra to you if you’ve heard your IT team harping about it. Or, perhaps you’ve distanced yourself from IT technicians lately except when something goes wrong. Only then do you perhaps panic about what worse things might happen in the future. As we’ve seen in the media lately, anything can happen today in the world of technology. With your business welfare depending on this technology, you’re already living on the edge without safeguards.

But with proper data backup and a disaster recovery plan, your risk goes down exponentially. The important thing is fighting off your worst enemy in business: Downtime. It’s easy to get complacent about data backup and disaster recovery plans in your budget if nothing has happened to you before. Yet, when you see the statistics about how much businesses lose when experiencing downtime, you might change your point of view.

The Eye-Opening Statistics on Downtime from Disasters

CMO Essentials reported earlier this year on the exact total it costs the average business when downtime occurs. Currently, it’s as much as $164,000 per hour, which is an astounding figure if you lose your data and have no business continuity plan in place. When you don’t, downtime has potential of going on for a full day, if not even several days.

By taking a look at what happened to Sony Pictures late this last year, you see how downtime sometimes goes longer than you expect. With unpredictable scenarios from man-made or natural disasters, you never know if your server will be completely inoperable for days.

Even app downtime is costing businesses a fortune. Betanews reports that application failures are now costing companies between $500,000 and $1,000,000 per hour. While this is for major companies, you can imagine the loss for smaller businesses with more limited budgets.

The good news here is adding data backup and a disaster recovery plan to your budget doesn’t cost a fortune. You also get a ROI advantage since it’s inevitable you’ll have a return on investment down the road when something inevitably happens.

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