How safe is your network computing?

Employees and Safe Computing in the Workplace

Every business that uses web-based file sharing is at high risk for viruses and malware and your information is vulnerable to theft. Every program from Google Docs and Office 365 to Dropbox and Cloud Computing has an element of risk, and the more people who have access to file sharing through a single account the higher the risk. What do you know about your employees and safe computing in the workplace?

According to the FBI, the following actions make you, your employees and your business MORE vulnerable to computer hijaking and information theft:

  • Social Networking – despite the hardiest anti-virus software, social networking is the number one weak spot that computer hackers will target. The more information you share in public forums, the more vulnerable you are. Is your business active on multiple social networks? Do you leverage the convenience of social networking to connect associates and clients at the expense of their safety and yours?
  • Baiting, Click-jacking and Cross-site Scripting (XSS) – do your employees have the ability to upload information from an “out-of-network” USB drive? Is your pop-up blocker updated regularly, and do you have strictly enforced censorship on web browsing capabilities on “in-network” devices?
  • Multiple devices with multiple access points – the more devices you have with access to your business information and networking, and the more access points you allow (telecommuting and access from non-secure internet connections such as airports and coffee shops, etc.) exponentially increases the opportunities for hackers.

No one is completely immune to hacking, and hackers are lurking behind every click. Even legitimate websites may be unknowingly infected. And all it takes is one employee to click once. Here is just one example from the FBI:

In March 2011, hackers sent two spear phishing emails to a small group of employees at security firm, RSA.  They only needed one employee to open an infected file and launch the malware.  The malware downloaded information from RSA that then helped the hackers learn how to defeat RSA’s security token.  In May and June 2011, a number of defense contractors’ networks were breached via the compromised RSA token. ( “Internet Social Networking Risks”)

Are you protected?

Clearly the risks are greater than the benefits when considering the convenience of social networking and file sharing versus the potential and irrevocable damage that a hacker or a virus will cause. But there is no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak.

You want the best of both worlds – accessibility and visibility through mobile networking and social media outlets, and reliable anti-virus software, malware protection, spam blockers and secure information recovery. You need the best tech support out there, with full service repair and maintenance and attention to every detail of computer and networking protection.

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