Hot IT trends for 2015

IT trends for 2015

Here are 6 Hot IT trends for 2015 :

Accessibility of user-friendly computing is on the rise like never before. People from all walks of life are using technology at a higher rate.  Most are using or becoming more familiar with all forms of social media.  Hence it is only logical that the simplest way to encourage that trend would be to develop user-friendly processes in digital computing technology.

Wearable technology has come a long way since the calculator watch back in the 70’s. There are watches that calculate how many calories you have burned, what your blood pressure is and what your heart rate is. This technology is really going to take off this year.

Escalation of development of mobile and electronic device apps is inevitable. Electronic devices are upgraded practically daily so of course mobile app development must keep pace with the many upgrades.

Computing security comes with the territory of such an incredible dependency on technology and threats of cyber attacks. The trend to save files or completely conduct business in the cloud has already begun and will only increase with time.

Increase in money-saving computing technology services is on the rise this year. Business owners are investigating whether it is more profitable to hire an IT person or contract with an IT company to handle all of their computing needs.

There will be more analytics tools this year. The definition of analytics is the method of logical analysis. The analytics process will become more automated. Businesses who have websites or any social media pages are interested in how those forms of marketing are doing. Hence analytics will assist with obtaining that information. For more information about how to invest in your IT division of your company contact us and we will be happy to assist you.