Hacking And Computer Security: Recent Data Breaches Should Put Companies On Notice

Hacking and Computer Security

Most IT managers understand the importance of data security. Unfortunately, they sometimes have trouble gaining buy-in from senior management. It’s often the case the IT security is viewed as an unreasonable expense.

However, if there is a data breach, then the cost of litigation and settlement for damages (especially if credit numbers were exposed during the incident) can far exceed the cost of sound data security.

Management should view the cost of proper IT security as it views business insurance expense: annoying, but necessary.

Beyond that, here are several examples of recent data security breaches that serve as anecdotal evidence that the threat of hacking is real and computer security is important.

  • Senior Health Partners in New York City recently reported a data breach that affected about 2,700 patients. The breach occurred after a business partner’s cell phone and laptop were stolen.
  • Riverside County Regional Medical Center in Moreno Valley, California reported a missing laptop that may contain the data of almost 8,000 patients who received dermatology and ophthalmology services.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee gained access to the names and addresses of 80,000 members of TRH Health Plan. The company inappropriately used that data for marketing purposes.
  • St. Peter’s Health Partners, based in Albany, experienced a data breach that could have affected as many as 5,000 patients after a manager’s cell phone was stolen.
  • Orthopedic device manufacturer DJO Global reported a data breach after a laptop was stolen from a consultant’s car.
  • Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia reported that 12,500 members might have had their personal data accessed after paper records were inappropriately discarded.
  • Dignity Health in San Francisco suffered a data breach after noticing that transcribed physician notes were accessible on a website.

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