Four Reasons Why You Should Repair Rather than Replace Your Computer

Four Reasons Why You Should Repair Rather than Replace Your Computer


There are far more than four reasons why you should repair rather than replace your computer; however, these four are certainly more than enough to consider the alternative.

Less Expensive Repairs

As computers become more streamlined, repairs become much easier. Completely replacing a computer means that you pay the premium brand cost with no added benefit. Upgrades are also quite possible for many generations after your base computer – you can add additional RAM, better graphics cards and even more processors much more frugally than buying a new computer with the same specs.

Compatibility Insurance

Replacing hardware means that your network compatibility is immediately at risk. At the very least, you will have to take time to reconfigure the rest of your business network into your new computer. This is an additional cost that you will not incur if you repair instead of replace.


Microsoft was recently taken to task for its new Windows 10 operating system defaulting as a keystroke reporter. Keeping your old computer means keeping your preferred security.

Saving Money on Backup

You probably did not perform that system backup that was so necessary a few months back. Repairing your computer instead of replacing it will keep you from having to pray that your proprietary information and intellectual property can somehow be salvaged from the ashes of your dead hardware.

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