Disaster recovery planning for business computing

Disaster recovery planning is largely overlooked by companies that are sitting ducks to potential disasters. The only reason for that is complacency, especially when businesses live in specific cities that aren’t known for natural disasters. But we’re increasingly seeing more natural disasters in states that didn’t used to have them. Likewise, disasters don’t have to just be the result of weather. Disasters can mean anything from power outages, to even human disasters that disrupt business operations in one way or the other.

When these disasters hit, businesses go into shock and realize they aren’t even prepared on what to do next. Far too many businesses that were victims of Hurricane Sandy a couple of years ago never did recover because they didn’t take into account a hurricane could happen in their region.

Other than a business recovery plan, what can you do in the immediate term to help protect your business data so you can retrieve it without any downtime?

Using the Cloud for Data Recovery

Here at CARISMA Computer Services LLC, we offer cloud and virtualization solutions so your data can be stored in a safe place. The cloud still gets a lot of scrutiny, yet with proper management and monitoring, the chances of anything being stolen are actually quite rare. Unfortunately, far too many companies still don’t realize the potential of the cloud and how it can connect you to your data anywhere where there’s an internet connection.

This is going to be important should your company location becomes destroyed or uninhabitable after some kind of disaster. Once this happens, everything related to your business could potentially be gone overnight.

With reliable cloud-based backup, you store all your data on an off-site server that’s easily accessible online. Lost or damaged files are available in an instant from your web browser, or,if you happen to have an alternate location set up as part of a business continuity plan, you can go online there and access all your data instantly from the cloud.

Being able recovery data quickly when a disaster hits means little to no downtime that could otherwise leave you in a financial bind. With all your customer information intact, you don’t have to worry about having to start all new customer accounts as they call in to place orders.

Your business data is your livelihood. Having it securely in place with a cloud-based backup solution is the best move you can ever make as an insurance on keeping things normal. As your data resides there, we’ll monitor everything to make sure online thieves don’t compromise it either.

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