Cyber Safety Training for Employees

Making sure that your employees know about cyber safety can be daunting, but it needs to happen. As technology has become the most progressive aspect of business, it has also become the most vulnerable, making cyber security the single most important type of security. Ensuring that your employees know how to use online technologies safely is the first step to protecting your company’s information. Here are some tips for cyber safety training:

Talk to your employees. This might seem obvious, but the only way your employees can know about the importance of cyber security is if you tell them. Have frequent discussions with your employees about the types of cyber attacks and the possible consequences of a breach in cyber security. Make sure your employees know their responsibilities to keep company information secure.

Create routines. Set a date every few months for employees to change their passwords. Train employees to instinctively lock devices when they leave the area. Set procedures in case of an attack and have regular reminders. The more familiar employees are with the protocols, the more diligent they will be about following them.

Solicit feedback. How your employees perceive company policies with regards to cyber security affect how diligently they will follow those policies. If they don’t understand why they are being asked to do something, they are less likely to be meticulous about doing it. Thus, being able to provide explanations and alter the guidelines based upon feedback is essential.

Overall, if you approach cyber security in a focused, detail-oriented, and receptive way, you will be able to effectively train your employees to reduce the risks your company faces.

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