Creating a Safe and Productive Remote Computer Access Office for Employees

Safe and productive remote computer access for employees

In this world of easy internet connectivity the typical work day has changed considerably. Most companies are able to allow their employees to work from home either every day or a few days a week. It is a luxurious thought, to work from home, wearing your pajama’s, sipping coffee and listening to music or the TV. Sounds great, right?

The reality of telecommuting is very different from the fantasy. In reality, working from home is just as challenging, if not MORE challenging, than working in an office. The big differences from working at home and working in an office is that yes, you could wear your PJ’s all day, you can take breaks when you want and you can listen to whatever you want. The difficulty comes in when you realize that you must stay completely focused and get the same amount of work (if not more) done in a day as you would in the office. Focusing can be a challenge at home, if you have your own office than you can close yourself off and focus but if you don’t have a great workspace, then focus can be difficult to attain. Below are some tips to finding a way to create a safe, productive remote computer access situation for employees.

Safety is vital for any work space, whether it is at home or in an office. When you are working at home, it might be good to have your employer take a look at your work space to make sure that it is safe and able to foster productivity. Your employer might be able to offer suggestions to keep you organized and comfortable as you work from home. It is also important that your home environment is safe, you’ll want to make sure that where you work is out of the way of any dangerous objects and that you’re locked up and secure while you work.

It is also important that you are able to protect any confidential information you may be working with. After safety, organization needs to be your next point of focus when setting up your workspace. You need to make sure that you have hardcopies of any confidential information locked away in a cabinet or lock box when you are not using it. It may also be necessary to restrict access on certain devices for sensitive information – especially if the device is on an unprotected network. The best way to protect yourself from internet thieving is to use an anti-virus, protection software like Norton (one of the most well known of it’s kind), this way your information is protected in a secure environment. There are also numerous safeguards on computer systems to restrict access so you can keep your children out of your work (password protecting your important information is a great way to start).

Finally, productivity is key when working from home. You need to make sure that your employee is able to produce the same amount of work when working from home as they do in the office. It can be a challenge when you, as an employer, are not able to keep an eye on your employee but an easy way to make sure they are productive is to set firm goals for them as well as firm time frames in which to reach those goals. This way you are aware of their work and they can give you updates on any special projects.

These are a few simple ways to make sure your remote access employees are safe, productive and organized in their work. There is no reason, in this well connected world, that employee’s cannot find as much success from working remotely as they do working in the office. In fact, it is quite possible that many employees will get MORE work done at home, especially if they are comfortable and happy in their environment. Make sure to contact CARISMA for more information!