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    Incredible... I thought for sure we'd have to wait until Monday. Wow, CARISMA really exceeded my expectations.
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  • "Emergency service on nights AND weekends? Seriously??"

    Yes, seriously. We take customer service very seriously. Try CARISMA and find out what our customer are raving about!
  • Computer Repair and Upgrades

    Slow computer performance getting you down? Our experienced techs can diagnose and fix your system and return it to its peak performance. Memory upgrades are a great, inexpensive way to speed up your slow PC.
  • Call 215-CARISMA

    Call us today! We'll make you glad you did!
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

    Let's face it. Hard drives crash. Eventually ALL computers systems WILL fail. Reliable data backup and recovery is a MUST HAVE for your business. Our experts can have you back up and running fast!
  • Web Site Design and Development Services

    From killer designs to high-tech programming our team of talented pros can get your web presence noticed in a big way. Cutting edge SEO and terrific back-end features are just the beginning.
  • SPAM Elimination and Junk Email Blocking

    Tired of SPAM? We offer two proprietary SPAM filtering systems that are proven to remove more than 90% of your junk e-mail. Try one FREE for 30 days. If you're not delighted, return it for a full refund!
  • Virus and Malware Removal

    Did you know that fully protected computers can STILL get infected by today's complex viruses and trojan horses? Our experts can reverse the damage done by these malicious programs and get you back to productivity fast!
  • Local Web Site and Email Hosting

    Competitive site hosting and email hosting plans with personal service. Our hosting platform is as robust as the "big boys" without the impersonal lack of customer service. 10% discounts for pre-paying a full year, never a setup fee!
Carisma is proud to be celebrating its ten year anniversary of providing quality computer services to businesses in Bucks/Mont!

Carisma, LLC is a full service technology solutions provider specializing in supporting small and medium businesses throughout Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

Our goal at Carisma is to provide excellent and friendly customer service and help our customers maintain cost effective, state-of-the-art computers, networks and systems with virtually uninterrupted uptime.

You worry about your business, let Carisma handle your computers and technology

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Bucks Web and Application Hosting Services

Email Hosting

Competitive rates & great features

Web Site Hosting

PERL, PHP, MySQL, SQL Server, ColdFusion, Windows & UNIX Hosts

Live, Real-Time Site Stats

We offer SurfStatsLive on all web site hosting accounts

SPAM Blocking

On-network appliances for email peace of mind

Bucks county computer service, bucks county computer repair

Web Site Development
Graphic Design and Site Programming
Search Engine Optimization
Get the most from your web presence

Client Testimonials

KMRD Partners averts disaster
"We thought we were proteced against a server crash, we were wrong "... >>
Protocol Publications has peace of mind
now that they have abandoned their old tape-based backup system "...>>
The Parcel Place relies on maximum uptime
"I am in retail, so my computer system is my lifeline "...>>

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