Want to Double Your Small Business’s Profit? Cloud Computing May be the Answer.

Small businesses who embrace cloud computing double their profits and increase revenue by 25% compared to those that keep their IT services completely in-house. This according to a recent study conducted by software companies Exact and Pb7 Research.

The study, which surveyed 750 U.S. companies with 50 employees or less as well as companies in Europe, found that the number one reason small businesses decide to move to the cloud is enhanced security (32%) followed by lower IT costs (26%) and low maintenance requirements (23%). Once companies make the switch to the cloud the top benefits they observe, ranked on a scale of 1-5, are ease of use (4.0), easier to find information (4.0), easier to share information (3.9), and higher productivity (3.9).

This is interesting information, and highlights the benefits that the cloud offers small businesses, but why did companies see such a dramatic increase in profit and revenue? The answer lies primarily in the lower IT costs and increased productivity achieved by moving services to the cloud. Lower IT costs are found not only via a reduced hardware and software spend, but also in reduced costs associated with things such as IT outages that cause downtime to the business. Employee productivity is improved because they spend less time looking for the information they need or dealing with computer outages, and more time making money for your business.

Where does your small business stand? Are you in the 51% that has adopted some form of cloud computing and want to go even further? Or are you in the 49% that still hasn’t made the move to the cloud? Either way, contact us today and find out how we can help your business grow in the cloud.