Three reasons to upgrade your computer / network right now.

It’s fall.

Leaves are turning, football’s back, Halloween, pumpkins etc… So why is now the best time to spend on IT infrastructure and computer & server assets?

1) Computer manufacturers like Dell and IBM have been slow all year and feeling the pinch of the economy just like you and I. Their inventories are up and their cash is down. That translates to great deals on Servers, Computers and Laptops. In addition, their lead times on delivery have never been shorter. Custom-built servers are arriving within just days of order placement.

2) Money is cheap. Spending this year on IT allows you to get the line-item expense on this year’s balance sheet so you can take your deductions against your capital expenditures in 2011’s tax year. In addition, there are a myriad of interest-free financing options available such as Citi’s 0% on balance transfers for 21 months which is currently running. So you can pay for this year’s purchase with next years money for free.

3) November and December are typically slow business months due to holidays, vacation and travel. With your business in low gear, you can more easily schedule for computer and network-related service interruptions during upgrades and installations.

Bottom line, if your at all considering a computer or network upgrade or refresh, the time couldn’t be better to get the ball rolling.