The High Cost of Ignoring Proper Computer and Network Security and Maintenance

We’ve all seen the headlines about cyber criminals hacking into high-profile movie studios,major retailers and financial institutions, but private companies are also at risk to these types of network security breaches.

You may think that won’t happen to your company, but according to the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), one in five small businesses falls victim to cyber crime every year. In other words, it is quite probable that your business may be hacked in one way or another. The costs of ignoring proper computer and network security and maintenance are high, and they are not only measured in financial terms, but also as losses to your business’ reputation.

A 2014 study found the average cost of a cyber attack on a company with less than 100 employees to be just over one million dollars. Can your company withstand that type of financial hit?

In addition to those financial losses, a data breach can mean stolen credit card information, client and company data, and the possible loss of network services for an unknown amount of time. Data breaches of that sort often result in the loss of customers and untold damage to the trust-factor and reputation of your company.

The good news is a complete computer and network security support plan can keep those cyber wolves away from your door. There are also business advantages when you can confidently state to your clients and customer base that their valuable data and assets are protected by a full cyber security system.

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