The Cost of Ignoring Computer and Network Security Cannot be Underestimated

Are you aware that your local hardware store, your favorite restaurant, and even your attorney’s office are potential targets for cyber criminals? Small and medium-sized businesses are at risk of hackers accessing money and confidential data as never before.

According to the U.S. Congress’ House Committee on Small Business, the threat to American small businesses and the cost of ignoring proper computer and network security and maintenance is real and rising.

However, there are steps that you can take today to minimize that risk:

  • Implement a strong password generating program for your business and all employees
  • Install next-generation firewalls and e-mail anti-phishing solutions
  • Encrypt employee smartphones so data is secure if phones are lost or stolen
  • Install a consistently monitored and updated anti-virus and malware system
  • Put a system in place that will recognize a cyber threat or data breach and quickly respond as necessary
  • Have a network security team in place ready to respond to an emergency

Every small or medium-sized business needs a multi-layered data threat management program designed to stop today’s broad array of cyber attacks. The good news is, these technologies are now cost-effective and easily managed by a competent and reputable computer network security team.

There are also the possible costs of lost business because of the lack of a sophisticated data security system. There is a growing divide between large organizations and small businesses when it comes to information security, and hackers know it. Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting small businesses because they can gain access to larger companies by breaching smaller, less secure enterprises. Thus, companies lacking data security protocols are potentially disqualifying themselves from working with larger organizations that carefully vet their business partners.

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