Preparing your network for winter storms

Did you know that winter storms can be just as destructive to sensitive computer and network equipment as summer thunderstorms?

Every year when snow and ice storms hit we get barraged with calls from customers who didn’t have proper power protection in place.

You see heavy snow and ice can down power lines just as much, if not more, than lightning and wind. When snow and ice break power lines the results can be devastating to your sensitive computer equipment.

Surges and voltage spikes can ruin your computer’s power supplies, network switches and network interface cards. The downtime can persist well past the blackout IF you’re unprepared.

Here are some recommendations from the pros that will keep your expensive IT equipment safe.

1) Make sure your battery backup units are in good working order.

2) Be certain the proper management software for your battery unit is installed and running on your servers/computers and that the battery units and software are properly communicating with one another via the data cable(s).

3) Be sure you have enough run time in your battery unit to allow your computer systems to safely shut themselves down during a power outage.

4) Invest in surge protection for your network switches and routers. Voltage spikes can travel through network lines and damage network cards as well as power supplies.

5) Keep a spare network switch around. They are cheap and can save the day if you lose one to a power spike.

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