Keep Your Computers Healthy With Preventative Maintenance

Have your computers started acting sluggishly and unresponsively? Frequently this is a symptom of malware, which can be a result of opening email from unknown senders, visiting infected websites, or a variety of other causes. If this is the cause, then opening up their task manager or system monitor depending upon your operating system, is likely to reveal one or more processes taking up large amounts of CPU time.

Malware can often be silent too, only waking up occasionally when the keyboard is idle to send key files to a hacker’s server, or perhaps joining a botnet to attack other computers when the screensaver is active. This can be an even more serious problem than the type of malware which causes performance problems. These silent predators can infect whole networks and travel from computer to computer like a virus, from whose behavior they derive their name.

Because these problems, particularly the latter, have become so common, it is prudent to have computers serviced regularly, checked for malware, and updated with the latest preventative measures against it.

So, if you are experiencing problems with any of your computers, or if you just want to be certain they are are all running and will continue to run optimally, drop us a line here at CARISMA.