iPhone 4S Falls Way Short of Expectations.

I have heard the numbers…

  • 4 million sold in the first weekend.
  • Lines around the block at the Apple Store
  • 1-2 week web delivery times due to high demand and record sales

Well 4 days in to my iPhone 4S experience, my handset is on its way back to Apple.


  1. Start out with atrocious battery life.  Unplugging with a full charge at 9:00 am left me at 25% battery by 3:00 pm and that is with very little use. Many say the battery drain is because of location-based services like the location-aware reminders and “find my iPhone” even turning all of the iCloud-based services leaves the batter performance miserable. My old iPhone 4 ran laps around this device for battery longevity.
  2. Siri is down more than it is up.  Trying to make use of the new, clever personal assistant Siri is an exercise in frustration too. Most times i tried to make practical use of it in the real world (middle of the business day while driving) I am greeted with “I”m sorry, I cannot connect to the network right now” or “Something’s gone wrong, can you say that again?”
  3. Call failures galore. AT&T clearly got hammered on this roll out because activation times on their network were north of 3 hours and call failures, even through my micro cell, were abundant.

In short, pass on this one. Coming from an Apple fan… Wait for the iPhone 5 hopefully next year.