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CARISMA provides Doylestown and Bucks County computer repair services. We specialize in supporting medium and large enterprises throughout Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

At CARISMA we provide fast, reliable support for your company’s computer systems and network infrastructure. You worry about your business, let us handle your computers and technology. If you are looking for a Doylestown Bucks County Computer Repair Service, look no further.

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Best of Bucks

We are pleased to have won The Intelligencer’s Best of Bucks/Mont for Computer Repair and Network Support two consecutive years! Please help us “three-peat” by voting for us today under Computer Repair/Network Support. Thank you!!

Emergency Service

Look, bad things happen. Sometimes outages cannot be avoided. When a hardware failure or other incident brings down your computer system you need FAST reliable support.  Trust the team here at CARISMA. We’ve been voted Best of Bucks 2014 for Computer Repair and Network Support! EMERGENCY SERVICE…

Data Backup & Recovery

Is your network and server architecture safeguarded against data loss?  Are you sure? When is the last time your IT consultant did a mock disaster recovery? If the answer is “never” we need to talk.  DATA BACKUP & RECOVERY…

Onsite Business Computer Service

Statistics show that there’s no substitute for regular routine maintenance no matter what kind of machine is in question. ONSITE BUSINESS COMPUTER SERVICE…

Email Hosting & Support

Want LOCAL, reliable email and web site hosting?  We offer big time features with a small-town feel. Support from a local business owner, not off-shore phone trees.  LEARN MORE…

SPAM Filtering & Junk Mail Protection

Everyone hates junk mail.  The reality is that your computer’s inbox is not unlike your mailbox at home. Anyone is free to send you anything at any time. How do you stop the garbage from coming though and killing productivity without breaking the budget?  CARISMA has the right solution for your business. From on-site appliances to cloud-based email filtering systems, we’ll cleanup the SPAM and FAST!  LEARN MORE…

Virus Removal & Recovery

Malware and viruses continue to present a real threat to business owners and their computer systems. Now, more than ever, with obsolete versions of Windows running in production systems you need to be sure you can block attacks that would compromise your network and critical business data. Talk to our experts to develop a network security strategy for your business today.  LEARN MORE…

Server Maintenance & Support

It’s the heart of your business network. Every single piece of corporate data resides on it. Every transaction, e-mail, and print job passes through it. Out of sight, out of mind?  Ignoring proper server maintenance is like buying a Maserati and never changing the oil.  Sooner or later the investment you made is going to break down. Proper maintenance and updates of all server assets is critical to your business’ uninterrupted operation. Don’t leave things to chance. Call us today for a consultation.  LEARN MORE….

Network Design, Maintenance, & Monitoring

Out of sight, out of mind?  What you don’t know can really hurt you when it comes to your servers and network infrastructure.  CARISMA offers off-site remote monitoring for all your valuable IT assets. We’ll know well before you do that trouble is lurking and we can take the steps necessary to fix problems before they bring your business down.  LEARN MORE…

Cloud Computing Services & Backup

CARISMA offers full service cloud computing solutions for your business.  From Exchange-in-the-cloud solutions for your email needs to full VDI Infrastructure solutions and cloud-based desktops.  LEARN MORE…