Effective Data Backup and Recovery is Crucial for Your Business

The purpose of data backup and recovery is to restore business functions with little disruption. The quicker that a recovery can be completed will prevent added costs associated for lost business. Businesses now rely on their computer system to maintain a website, applications and other resources. If an outage or any downtime occurs to IT infrastructure, then your business will be unable to effectively serve customers. The availability of reliable data backup and recovery is crucial to lessen the interruption to your operations.


Planning for data backup and recovery can include using cloud computing solutions or an off-site storage facility in case of an emergency. Recovery plans will be needed to ensure continuity for a business for many reasons. One reason is to recover from damage to infrastructure that is due to storms or a natural disaster. A second reason is if an outage occurs due to power loss or computer failure. Your business may also be prone to online attacks.


A business will need to determine the impact the loss of their computer system to the organization and to customers. This will provide a framework to use for determining the budget to allocate for a backup and recovery solution. The time that is required for any service restoration is based on the cost to a business. The recovery of a computer system can take hours or days depending on the process that is used.


If an off-site solution is used for recovery, then a backup will be made of your system each night that can be restored in less than a day if a disaster or outage occurs. Data that has been stored off-site for recovery decreases the downtime for a business. The protection of data for your business needs to be a top priority.

Additional Information

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