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Remote Access Support for Businesses

More of America’s workforce than ever is choosing to work remotely at least part-time. Last year, a Gallup poll found that 43% of employees regularly log into workstations with remote network access. That percentage, Gallup reports, has gone up every year since 2012.

What’s more, remote work has proven popular with young professionals and veterans alike.

Millennial and Generation Z applicants increasingly expect flexible work options. Additionally, AARP found – a full decade ago – that remote network access could help older Americans stay in the workforce longer. A survey found that 78% of 65+ professionals desired flexible schedules and another third prefer to work from home. One expects both figures have gone up considerably.

Whatever the average age of your workforce, remote access makes it possible to provide a flexible workplace, promote a healthy work-life balance, and maintain productivity through any conditions.

Winter weather makes remote access particularly essential. Employees need access to company data and documents whatever the conditions. We’ve already seen storms this year.

Don’t wait for things to get worse. Provide your team with dependable Remote Access to your network today.

You can’t expect your employees to risk life and limb driving to the office in inclement weather. That doesn’t mean you should count on zero productivity throughout the winter months. Before blizzard season begins in earnest, take care to ensure your entire team can access your networks and perform their tasks remotely.

Run through any necessary trainings, check (and double-check) for understanding, and test the speed and security of your remote office networks. A little preparation could make all the difference in maintaining safety and productivity throughout Q1.

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Carisma’s Remote Office Support services ensure your team has dependable, secure access to your business networks all year round. Contact our expert IT administrators today to learn more. It’s only getting colder.