3 Tips for Virus Prevention Removal and Secure Computing

It’s too often that companies and individuals will take the security of their computer systems and networks for granted.  While major OS distributions are constantly progressing towards tighter, more secure information transfer and storage – it’s often only as good as a person’s situational awareness.

Just like in medicine, the easiest way to treat a disease is through preventative care.  The easiest way to secure a business or individual from being exploited by viruses and malware is also through prevention.

For that reason, when dealing with Virus Prevention Removal and Secure Computing, it’s important to focus first on prevention.

Here are three tips which focus on virus prevention and secure computing.

3.  Update Regularly, Update Often

One of the biggest vulnerabilities out there is outdated software.  Because software is routinely exploited to gain access to sensitive information, most major software distributors regularly include patches and updates designed to seal those gaps.  Unfortunately, for those who don’t regularly update software and device drivers, they could be exposing themselves and their company to avenues of attack.

2.  Trusted Verification

Never accept certificates from secure sites that are not verifiable.  Especially when security is of the highest import – SSL certificates need to match the site the user is trying to access.  It’s too easy to do a bait and switch tactic – something we here at CARISMA Computer Services see all too often.

1.  Situational Awareness

Don’t assume fair play.  This is the number one issue we run into.  Users with varying levels of comfort and savvy with technology may assume that because a program or application is operating normally, everything must be okay.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Network exploitation begins with finding subtle ways to make a user’s experience appear normal while working behind the scenes to steal sensitive data.  Would a poker player be okay with someone walking behind him and looking at his cards?  Would a business be okay with the competition having access to their trade secrets?

All of these tips are just guidelines that we have developed to give the average end user a bit of an advantage.  Every business and individual has different needs when it comes to network and computing solutions but security is always a top priority.  The biggest surprise of all is when businesses realize just how open their systems are to exploitation by viruses and malware.  It’s never too late to start practicing good virus and malware prevention techniques.

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